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Discount heating oil in Dutchess County

Oil Express provides you with premium heating oil for your home or business, with same-day delivery. We're known for our fast, friendly service, speedy response time, and of course, our discounted oil. We offer all services necessary to ensure your home or business are in good working condition- from the time you call, e-mail, or drop in, to feeling the warmth in your home or office. Heating oil is safe, productive, and better for the environment. We know our product, and welcome any questions.

What Do We Do Different?

We're a small, independently-owned business, that seeks to be a helpful asset to our community, rather than simply turning a profit. We pride ourselves in having competent technicians, friendly service, and unbeatable prices, making us a go-to for all of your heating oil needs. We're easy to contact and very responsive- that's why we're the number one heating oil supplier in our area. 
Expert checking the heating system in Glenham, NY

What is Heating Oil?

Heating oil is a mixture of petroleum products, to be used in boilers or furnaces, as a source of heat for your home or business. Heating oil is safe, productive, and better for the environment. 

Why Choose Oil?

Oil releases fewer hydrocarbons into the air than natural gas. The price of oil fluctuates on the market, so the price of heating oil will often be cheaper than alternative methods. By choosing oil, you can pick and choose your supplier, rather than paying a big company an anonymous fee every month, allowing them to gouge you whenever they wish. Heating oil is the cheapest and most effective method of heating, which is why it's the primary source in the region.

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